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Lisa Hemenway

I was a carpenter before I was a chef…

 Lisa HemenwayThirty years ago, I was a carpenter helping to build spiral staircases and fine furniture. That experience spawned my love for historical neighborhoods and homes. When I became a chef, I catered in many beautiful homes and kitchens in Sonoma County. As I developed my various restaurants, I began purchasing and remodeling houses. At the same time, I took on the challenge of remodeling restaurants. I soon discovered that I was a true multi-tasker when I remodeled my home while remodeling my restaurant, the same year I got married! As I opened each restaurant and did extensive remodels, my knowledge of building a business increased. I have taken that knowledge to new heights by designing home kitchens and restaurants, staging homes to sell, and doing general interior design. Now, I am putting all my experience and expertise to work in real estate.

Lisa Hemenway

And you'll be delighted to find interesting ideas for kitchen designs and travel adventures, as well as discover where to find some of Lisa's most famous recipes.

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